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Lost to you by  A.L  Jackson 


SHE SAT ACROSS FROM ME, this beautiful girl who had to be both the cutest and

sexiest thing I’d ever seen. A rich tenor rang in her words, this modest kind of

confidence that sucked me in, while her cheeks seemed to continually light with

a gentle flush when she said anything that embarrassed her in the slightest way.

A sublime contradiction, self-assured and shy.

How ironic it was her.

But really, I shouldn’t have been all that surprised. I always knew what I

wanted the moment it saw it.

Shifting against the hard wood of the chair, I leaned forward and struggled to

pay attention to the words she spoke as I stared, mesmerized by that perfect


One elbow was propped on the table, her head tilted to the side as she

supported it with her fingertips. Sun-streaked waves of dark blonde hair fell

down around one side of her heart-shaped face as she thumbed through the thick

textbook resting on the table between us.

Concentration edged her brow, her pouty lips pulling into a thin line

whenever she became engrossed in something she read.

“Do you think you’re up for this?” she asked, sounding overwhelmed.


No question.

I was up for all kinds of things.

Last night, I’d shared two short emails with her, and we’d arranged to meet

at this little café during the time we both had a break in our classes.

Of course, at that time, I had no idea who my American Government study

partner would turn out to be. The little description she had given, I’d scribbled

on the note that was now crumpled in my front pocket.

Elizabeth Ayers, long, blonde hair.

At the bottom, I’d jotted down her cell phone number.

Yeah, I’d be holding on to that.

A groan of apparent dread slipped through her lips, and the sound almost

caused me to release one of my own.

“Are you sure? Because have you looked through this syllabus?”

She glanced up, then back at the small stapled pack of papers laid out

between us. “There’s going to be a ton of memorization. I’m pretty sure this is

going to be a pretty difficult class,” she said seriously, completely focused on the

information she was devouring as her eyes roved over the page.

“You have no idea how happy I was to find that sign-up sheet for a study

partner. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to get a bad grade in this

class.” She scribbled something in her notebook, licked her lips, rambled mostly

to herself.

And I just stared.

Fifteen minutes ago, before I’d walked through the door of the café and seen

her, I’d been all wrapped up in this grade, too. I’d been just as worried about

who my partner would be. I’d figured it’d be my luck to get paired with some

loser who would take advantage of my time and my hard work. I’d have dealt

with it, too, sucked it up and worked my ass off because I had no other choice.

There was no way in hell I’d give my dad another reason to ride me because

I had a grade slipping below his approval.

But no, I’d walked through the door and it was her.

Since then, I’d had a really hard time focusing on anything but the fluid lilt

of her voice and the amber warmth of her soft brown eyes.

Shock had frozen me in the doorway when I walked through the door of the

café and was met with the face of the same girl I hadn’t been able to shake from

my mind since the first day of our American Government class last week.

When the class had been dismissed, I gathered my things and stood to leave.

Looking up to make my way down the aisle of steps, I’d glimpsed just the side

of her face when she’d cast a furtive glance behind her as she’d been heading out

the door.

My breath had caught.

Since then that face had slipped in and out of my mind, creeping into my

thoughts, making recurrent appearances in my dreams.

My reaction to her had been just as strong when I walked through the door


Girls didn’t do this me. And she’d managed it twice. Sitting across from her

now, I knew I had to have her.

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