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Blind Love by Wilkie  Collins 


SOON after sunrise, on a cloudy morning in the year 1881, a special

messenger disturbed the repose of Dennis Howmore, at his place of residence in

the pleasant Irish town of Ardoon.

Well acquainted apparently with the way upstairs, the man thumped on a bed￾room door, and shouted his message through it: "The master wants you, and

mind you don't keep him waiting."

The person sending this peremptory message was Sir Giles Mountjoy of

Ardoon, knight and banker. The person receiving the message was Sir Giles's

head clerk. As a matter of course, Dennis Howmore dressed himself at full

speed, and hastened to his employer's private house on the outskirts of the town.

He found Sir Giles in an irritable and anxious state of mind. A letter lay open

on the banker's bed, his night-cap was crumpled crookedly on his head, he was

in too great a hurry to remember the claims of politeness, when the clerk said

"Good morning."

"Dennis, I have got something for you to do. It must be kept a secret, and it

allows of no delay."

"Is it anything connected with business, sir?"

The banker lost his temper. "How can you be such an infernal fool as to

suppose that anything connected with business could happen at this time in the

morning? Do you know the first milestone on the road to Garvan?"

"Yes, sir 

Very well. Go to the milestone, and take care that nobody sees you when

you get there. Look at the back of the stone. If you discover an Object which

appears to have been left in that situation on the ground, bring it to me; and don't

forget that the most impatient man in all Ireland is waiting for you."

Not a word of explanation followed these extraordinary instructions.

The head clerk set forth on his errand, with his mind dwelling on the national

tendencies to conspiracy and assassination. His employer was not a popular

person. Sir Giles had paid rent when he owed it; and, worse still, was disposed to

remember in a friendly spirit what England had done for Ireland, in the course of

the last fifty years. If anything appeared to justify distrust of the mysterious

Object of which he was in search, Dennis resolved to be vigilantly on the look￾out for a gun-barrel, whenever he passed a hedge on his return journey to the

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