About Us

Glodstore ( Global digital Store ) is an elegant digital e-commerce store, where internet user can download High quality romance Ebook and other digital product at no cost.

Our goal as a Digital Store is to bridge the gap between quality product and our loyal Customers, hence we offer top quality product free of charge and at no cost. We are dedicated to our goals and  serve as a Reliable source where internet user can get High quality digital product seamlessly

We pride ourselves among competitors to be the best in fast delivery of digital product along with a smooth easy Store U.I to make every Shopping experience a great one

Our Mission

We are established to make the internet community see the needs and importance of electronic books and make them Available at no Cost.

We also envisioned a world where people can get a book of interest 24/7 globally through our channels and Stores

Our store is open for 24/7 for sellers to join and sell their digital Product and ebook in a simple and easy fashion